1ra de Bernaza Habana Vieja is located in the heart of Old Havana, in the center of downtown

The 1ra de Bernaza HABANA VIEJA hostel is located in the heart of Old Havana, in the center of downtown. Its location is so strategic that it is practically unbeatable. Located in the first building on Bernaza Street, in the elegant square (with Wi-Fi signal) where O'Reilly and Obispo streets are born (streets that are a must for anyone who wants to know and enjoy Old Havana). They overlook the square with buildings and places as important as the luxurious Manzana Kempinski hotel, the National Museum of Fine Arts (the old House of Asturias), the house of Rum and Tobacco and the famous Floridita restaurant (where Hemingway took his daiquiris). Urban beauty, proximity to everything interesting and an incessant traffic of tourists and Havanans guarantee a stay full of Cuban flavor and very intense experiences, not to mention how comfortable this apartment is to explore the city because, from it, you can walk to everything there is to see.

1ra de Bernaza HAVANA VIEJA is not only surprising for its excellent location, it is also surprising for the good taste of its decoration, its magnificent rooms, its wonderful and very modern bathrooms, the beautiful ceilings and lamps that decorate the house,, its flirtatious cuisine and delicious breakfasts on offer.
If what you want is to enjoy Old Havana… I can't think of a better apartment to stay. Great!